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Located in Greece, BABEL Translations
is a web-based translation company.

We translate all kinds of subjects, thanks to the experience and contacts
with translators and consultants whose mother tongue is the target-language.

Our translators are professionals, specialized in a wide range of fields.

We collaborate with free-lance translators, interpreters
and experts with a specific experience.
Hence, our goal is to coordinate the activity of the translators
and consultants undertaking our projects:
This allows us to reduce the cost of the service,
to guarantee optimum efficiency
and to perform the translations very rapidly.

Since we are available at all times on the web,
the exchange of data may be easily and safely effectuated,
so as to offer our services at a low cost
in comparison with conventional translation companies:
Namely, saving on cost and time,
we are able to work with customers
and consultants on an international level.

In these days, sending a message in the language
of your customer is all the more important.
Approaching customers in their own language
is an additional advantage for a business.
Our goal is to collaborate with our customers,
to satisfy all of their requirements
and assist them in making the language
yet another media for the development of their business activity.

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